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Hip Hop Party – Busan Blow Out – Leo kekoa (Seoul), Pinnacle the Hustler (USA), Fusion (Canada), Doo Saram (Busan), Dj Swagger (Canada), BalabMC (New Zealand)



Saturday at 23:30Sunday at 05:00

@Club theshaker

jingu bujeon 2 dong 172-2 3 floor
Pusan, ??
Seomyeon next to Club Foxy near Judy's Taewa

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++++Present by manny entertainment( lol )+++++++
Hands down the best hip hop show of the year is coming up on the 16th at Shakers. This show will not only be featuring a plethora of talented rappers both domestically and international, but will also be headlining EASILY the best underground rapper in hongdae and K-POP TV show in Korea with L.E.O. FURTHERMORE, the cherry on the cake for this event is that there will be no cover charge for foreigners! The night guarantees two things booze and sex……. O yea and the music will be phenomenal! Whats not to love?

After show Electro house party

# No cover charge for Forigners
# ?? ?? ?? Guestlist ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Manny 010-2926-1243
C.E.O (ho-jin lee) 011-887-7283

******* special drinking **************
Bottel of Tequila & Jagermeister with Tonic water n soda $70
Long island iecd tea $5
Budweiser $4
Tequila & Jagermeister shot $3
Jack & Coke $5
Gin, Rum, vodka mix $4

===Line up=======

<L.E.O k-pop singer 3rd Album Droppin' Soon!>

<Fusion a.k.a Dj Chad EFM 90.5 (Midnight Rider>

<Pinnacle TheHustler from Seoul>

based out of Seoul, mesmerizes audiences with rapid fire lyrics and a charismatic persona that creates an undeniable stage presence that personifies determination and unabridged passion. He is currently a member of Z Fact Entertainment as a member of South Cide (Pinnacle, Carlos Galvan, DJ Tom Slick and YK). Pinnacle is also the lead emcee for the Funk infused, Rock and Hip Hop band, Pinnacle & The Antidote. His group, South Cide, has recently released a music video for their hit single “Hustle”. Check it out on the links below.

<Dj Swagger from vancouver Canada>

<BalabMC from New Zealand>


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