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Halloween Guide 2011

BUSAN, South Korea – Once again, Halloween hits the peninsula this weekend, and there's plenty of things going on if you're in the spirit. Halloween coincides with the big fireworks festival this Saturday, so expect big crowds around Gwangan-li, and tons of people from Kyungsung-dae to Haeundae walking the streets. Public transportation will also be packed, so plan accordingly to get to your destination on time, as taxis may be sparse from 6 p.m. to midnight. The Gwangan-li Beach Road will also be closed to traffic from 5 p.m., so traffic in the area will be very congested.

If you are planning on heading out this weekend, here are some places that have events planned as of now.

Friday Night

Billie Jean – Billie Jean in Haeundae gets the weekend started a day in advance with a Hot Halloween party. The party starts at 10 p.m., and promises a dark, spooky setting with DJs, costume prizes and drink specials. More info can be found here.

Hello Kimchi (Jangsan) – Soon to be renamed Hello Taco & Steak, they are putting on a Halloween buffet from 6 to 10 p.m. to introduce their new menu items. The cost is 10,000 won and reservations should be made to 051-701-5199. There is also 1 + 1 beer. More info here.

Almost Famous (KSU) – Almost Famous will have dancers and DJs kicking off the early Halloween festivities in Kyungsung. More info here.

Saturday Night

Saturday is the night that most events are taking place.


The Basement – DJs, and prizes galore once again make The Basement a fun place to be on Halloween night. Best costume wins a great trip to Thailand, and many more categories winners as well. More info can be found here.


The Wolfhound – The Wolf is throwing a huge bash this year, with over 1,000,000 won in costume prizes to be won. There is a cover of 10,000 won, but it comes with two complimentary drinks. More info can be found here.

Thursday Party - All the TP's around the city (KSU, Gwang-an, Seomyeon, Jangsan) are hosting costume parties around the city. Amazing prizes can be one, including a grand prize of a trip to Phuket. More info can be found here.

Rock N' Roll Bar – For something very different, a Drag Queen After Party is taking place here, which promises to be a wild affair, all done in English. The Drag Queens are going to be on the beach during the day to promote Gay Rights in Korea. For more info, click here.

Sharky's – Winner of the Haps best burger, they are having a 50% discount on dinners from 7 – 11:30 p.m. if you are wearing a costume. More info can be found here.

Starface – The party gets going at 7, and has a Harry Potter twist, though optional. Many prizes to be had, and 20,000 won all you can drink. More info can be found here.


Blue Monkey – Kyungsung is the buzzin' spot throughout the evening. Stop into the Monkey for a $2 Tequila shot. If you've got the best costume you can' win up to $100. More info here.

Thursday Party – See Haeundae listing

KSU Hallows Eve Pub Crawl - Kino, Ol'55, Evas, and HQ are putting on a big pub crawl around KSU. Tickets are 12,000 won which includes a free drink at each bar, plenty of prizes, and the finale of a great rock show at 55 starting at 11. More info. can be found here.

Vinyl Underground - Better Magic is putting on a huge DJ set to go with prizes and dancing that will run all night until 6 a.m. More info. can be found here.

Club Realize – Metal Tour – Hellride Resurrection – If Halloween metal music is your thing, starting at 6 is night of metal you won't want to miss. More info here.

Fully Booked – For a smaller, more fun atmosphere, FB may be the place for you. Serving  "Blood" beer, Sangria, ghoulish music, and horror films. More info here.


Thursday Party – See Haeundae listing

Metal City -Starting at 10, the MeGook Movement are playing a no entrance fee, drink specials show. More info can be found here.


Thursday Party – See Haeundae listing

Know of other events? Send an email to to add to the list





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