Haeundae’s Infamous Red Light District to be Gone by Year’s End


Haeundae’s infamous “609” red-light district will be gone by year’s end according to local media reports.

The red-light district, which is located two roads behind Haeundae’s main beach road near the Haeundae Grand Hotel, is sandwiched between two new business hotels. While originally considered on the outskirts of Busan many years ago when it was established, it has become a source of embarrassment for the district as hotels have developed around it since Haeundae grew into a major tourist area.

Haeundae 609, which has 20 parcels of land, has been in negotiations to be purchased since October, 2015 by another hotel developer. The developing company has said that it has purchased one-third of the land already and is currently in negotiations to buy the remaining area. It hopes to have the buildings torn down within the year.

The land, which is valued at a whopping 40 million won per 3.3 m², was previously hoped to be bought by the district office and used as a public space, but high costs prevented them from doing so. It’s also the last piece of land to be developed in the Haeundae Beach area — which is valued at 10 billion won.

The Haeundae police meanwhile have also said that even if the development plans take longer than expected, they plan on shutting the area done for good this year.

Last year, two other major red light districts in the city — Beomjeon 300 in Busanjin-gu and Wonil-dong in Seo-gu — were also closed down.




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