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sharks in Korea

Haeundae Installs Shark Deterrent Devices

With the big summer beach season here, Haeundae is taking no chances on unwelcome visitors from the sea.

Special shark deterrent devices have been installed just off of Haeundae beach by the government to ensure the ocean predators keep a safe distance from the city’s busy beaches during the high season.

The systems are designed to repel the ocean predators by sending out electronic pulses that short-circuit a sensitive sensor gel in the shark’s nose, which it uses to navigate and detect prey

“We have installed three electronic deterrents and also a protective net to block jellyfish to ensure the safety and fun of vacationers.”

While there have no been no attacks in the area, there has been an increase in sharks netted by fishermen off the coast. According to marine biologists the waters off of Boryeong in the southwest of Korea have become a major breeding ground large sharks.

Boryeong fishermen last month caught a pregnant, three-meter hammerhead shark, just days after a two-meter great white was caught in a fishing net nearby. The great white shark caught was young, confirming that great whites have been breeding there. Earlier this month fishermen in Pohang, caught a 1.05-meter short-fin mako shark, just two days after a three-meter blue shark was caught further south off Ulsan.


Officials drop shark deterrent device off the coastal waters of Haeundae beach in Korea.



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