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Gwangalli Eobang Festival


‘Excellent Festival
A number of small festivals such as Namcheon-Millak Live Fish Festival, Gwangalli Beach Festival and Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Festival were unified in 2001 into a festival of a larger district scale Gwangalli Eobang Festival. As the only festival in Korea based on folk customs of traditional fishing villages, it is a characteristic spring festival of Busan which is held in Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan Bridge, Gwangalli New Media Art Museum, Gwangalli Beach Theme Street and so on
"Eobang (??)" had been the cooperative fishermen's union of the Suyeong region where the fishing market was active, so the festival was named as "Gwangalli Eobang Festival" and is held every spring, at the end of April, based on the theme of inheriting the traditional spirit. Enjoy the colorful burst of spring in the place of dream and romance, Gwangalli Beach!
photo Eobang
With rich marine products, Suyeong was the first fishery region in Busan. In the Joseon period, installation of the Gyeongsang Jwasuyeong (The left navy of the Gyeongsang region) in this region had developed fishery much more because food had to be provided to the navy. In the eleventh year of King Hyeonjong, Eobang was installed to give instruction of fishing techniques for the purpose of encouraging and promoting fishery, and that was the Jwasuyeong Eobang (Eobang of the left navy). 

Eobang was cooperative unions in fishing villages, which are similar to mutual-aid communities in sea villages of the present. 

Eobang encouraged singing songs to relieve people from stress of hard work during a group work and to increase efficiency by letting people work with songs telling of fishermen's feelings. Fishing activities of that time were reorganized to "Jwasuyeong Eobang Nori", which has been preserved and passed on until now as the important intangible cultural asset No. 62. Gwangalli Eobang Festival was therefore named after Eobang (??)' in that 
it is to follow the traditional spirit of the Suyeong region. 




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