Good Moonhwa Hospital Expands Facilities and Services in the New Year

Internationally renown Good Moonhwa already offered the highest level of world-class medical service. Now they’ve upped their game with expanded services and facilities for 2015.

“Losing money matters  little, losing honor means a lot, but losing health means losing it all.” ~Korean proverb

In order for a car to drive well, it has to receive regular checkups at a mechanic to see if there is anything wrong. Just like a car needs to be checked for its engine, tire wear, and brakes, we need to check our body’s condition by receiving thorough, regular checkups. In that way, we can keep our healthy, happy lives and lessen the chance of suffering from disease.

In order to meet the public’s needs for regular checkups, Good Moonhwa Hospital has expanded our facilities in 2015 to make for a more roomy, cozy space for our comfortable medical examination center, which is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge medical devices.

In addition, taking advantage of distinct features and strengths we also offer a comprehensive hospital for women, specializing in OB/GYN. We offer all sorts of gynecological examinations such as simultaneous breast ultrasound and x-ray, cervical papanicolaou smear, cervical exam, intrauterine ultrasound, ovarian cancer marker test and bone density tests. Also included are the human papillomavirus test and thyroid ultrasound test are included in Women’s Detailed Physical Examination. All of these are performed by highly-competent specialists in OB/GYN, who have achieve accuracy and precision at the highest levels in the country.

Another highly-regarded service is our world-class Fertility Clinic, which also checks the reproductive status of both men and women for soon-to-be married couples. Also, Menopausal Essential Physical Examination would be great for housewives who have not had time to look after their own health while taking care of their children and husbands.

We offer other comprehensive physical examinations such as these:

Good Moonhwa Hospital Busan KoreaThe various examinations will meet all of your personal needs.

At Good Moonhwa Comprehensive Examination Center we offer all examination programs, space, and health management system with examinees’ best interests at heart. But, please keep in mind that you are the most important person when it comes to looking out for your health. Why don’t you take a break from busy daily life and continuous tension, and check your health? We’re here at your service.

Our Comprehensive Examination Center staff are confident that you will be more than pleased when you visit us at Good Moonhwa Hospital, where all examinations are quickly processed in one convenient location.

Dr. Ahn Gwang-jun

  • Executive Director, Comprehensive Examination Center at Good Moonhwa Hospital
  • General OB/GYN
  • Fertility
  • Oncology
  • Obesity Department

Dr. Ahn Gwang-jun Good Moonhwa

 You can visit Good Moonhwa on the web: or contact Seo Mi-young, at 051-630-0123



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