Gijang Flower Depository Opens


BUSAN, South Korea – Gijang-gun County opened a flower depository at Imgi-ri Cheolma-myeon Gijang-gun on February 17, 2012. 

The 10,953? Gijang Flower Depository consists of flower exhibition facilities, sales areas  and a parking lot.

All flowers produced in and around Gijang will be transported to the Gijang Flower Depository for sale to wholesalers and retailers. The Gijang Flower Depository is expected to reduce distribution costs for farmers who have till now had to use wholesalers and joint markets in Seoul, enabling them to increase their profit margins. Consumers can also benefit as some of these savings will be passed on in lower prices. 

For more information, please contact 051) 508-2331.

Source: Busan City News



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