Giants Regular Season Tickets Go on Sale


The Lotte Giants began selling tickets this past weekend through its official website of the team.

A variety of gifts and benefits purchased will be given to those who buy the tickets.

The detailed information for the purchase of the season ticket can be checked through the official web site of the team.

Lotte Giants also has the plan to progress the field sales of the season ticket at the main entrance on the 3rd floor of the Sajik Stadium from 1 to 5 pm from the 14th to the 19th when their opening exhibition series against SK gets underway.

Tickets have been set for 12,000 won on weekdays and 15,000 won on weekends for lower level first and third base seating, 10,000 won on weekdays and 12,000 won on weekends for upper level and 7,0000 won on weekdays and 8,000 won on weekends for outfield seats.



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