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Geumjeong Mtn. Fortress

Completed in the 29th year (1702) of the reign of King Sukjong the fortress  is 17,377m long, and 1.5m~3m high; it is the largest fortress in Korea. The inner and the outer walls were mainly built of natural stones. Where there were weaker portions, the Koreans reinforced the structure with large hand-carved stone blocks. The walls were about 17 kilometers in length and from 1.5 meters to 3 meters in height. The area surrounded by the fortress is about 8.2 square kilometers. The construction of the fortress began in 1701 at the recommendation of Jo Tae-dong, the Governor of Gyeongsang-do province, of which Busan was and is a part, and was completed a year later. In 1707, the walls were built around the main structure of the fortress. It eventually fell to disuse due to the difficulty of maintaining such a large perimeter. After lying empty for a century, it was repaired in 1807, the seventh year of the reign of King Sunjo.


To get there: Take Subway Line 1 to Myeongnyun-dong. From there, it is about a 15 minute walk west to the cable car.

Mt Geumjeong Cable Car Busan




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