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Funked up & Souled Out Returns

BUSAN, South Korea – When asked the impetus behind this wildly popular dance party series a spokespan for Better Magic responded, "You hear the same electro shit in every club and bar. We felt Busan was in need of a proper night that paid homage to all the greats of the funk and soul pantheon and allowed us to play the music we truly love. It's a great feeling when you drop Tears of the Clown by Smokey and the Miracles or Hot Pants by James Brown and watch people go absolutely bananas. Many of these songs, especially classic Motown, are part of our shared musical history and are imprinted into our minds from our youth. To hear them in a club setting triggers strong emotions, not to mention ass-shaking! In our opinion, these tunes aren't played out enough and Funked Up and Souled out is the perfect vehicle to share our love of this music."

As expected from the past two swings through town, you can look forward to dancing to an explosive mix of soul, rare funk, afrobeat, boogaloo and disco. Partygoers are encouraged to don their three piece bell bottom suits, dashikis, afros and hotpants.

One of the main features of the previous installments was the Soul Train Line, where the audience splits to either side of the room, allowing individual or paired dancers to take to the floor to strut their stuff down the ‘Soul Train.’ Like the long running TV show hosted by Don Cornelius, it was a dance floor hit.

“Funked Up Volumes1 & 2 were my favorite parties of the year,” says Kyle Breedyk , who came to the first edition dressed in a vintage 70’s powder blue suit, complete with belle bottoms, a vest, and an afro wig to boot. “I’m looking forward to rocking my suit down that soul train once again.”

The popcorn gets poppin' at 10pm Saturday night. Entrance is 5,000W before midnight, 8,000W after. Prizes for best dance moves and outfits.

Kyle Breedyk 2010

You can get more info on the event here.




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