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French Horn Rebellion Hits the Peninsula

BUSAN, South Korea –The Brooklyn-based brothers, David and Robert Pernick-Molinari, who comprise the group French Horn Rebellion, have had their electro-neo-disco sound compared to the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Boy Crisis and MGMT. The latter is completely unsurprising, considering that David actually produced MGMT’s smash hit EP, Time To Pretend.

The brother’s sound is a glistening combination of slick synths, and sparkling layers, encompassing everything from 70’s funk, 80’s throwbacks and happy-clappy electro. Their attitude is as their name implies, unrelentingly rebellious, and determined to bring a fresh take on electro music.

As Guardian music columnist Paul Lester describes: “Basically, it's as good a piece of neo-disco as any that we've heard in the three years this column has been going, right up there with Shena's Can't Stop the Rain.”

Beat-based brotherhood. (Photo by Harry Fellows)

When asked to talk about their latest album,The Infinite music of French Horn Rebellion, the brothers, who hail originally from Milwaukee, were quite grand in describing its scale.

“We wanted to write a modern day rock opera about a French Horn player travelling through the modern universe”

The brother’s musical rebellion began taking shape in 2007 when younger brother Robert was pursuing a career as a classical French Horn player with the prestigious Northwestern University Orchestra and his brother David was developing his chops working as a producer in New York.

Robert, realizing the enormity of the task and the time needed to master such a craft as classical music and his brother, David, growing disillusioned with music industry politics, decided to team up and rebel. Since that time they have been lauded by tastemakers the world over and loved by revellers on all continents.

Their music has long been a fantastical electro-melange that has been taken to the next level on The Infinite Music. Not only are French Horn Rebellion rock opera enthusiasts, they’re also involved in a bit of a love affair with South Korea. They played here last April, having had such a good time that they shot the latest video for their track, What I Want, on the streets of Seoul. 

Super Color Super has brought them back again as part of the brother’s Asia-wide tour. On this trip they will be stirring up the dance floors on the peninsula with shows in both Busan and Seoul.

And all this travelling has definitely influenced their music: “The project is a lot about travelling from one place to another – from one state of mind to another completely different state of mind.”

While travelling may seem a pretty obvious influence, they also draw inspiration from more far-out things. Their biggest being ‘optimal behaviourists’ or "people who live life they way they’d like things to be moment by moment, and thus become more optimistic in the future.”

In other words, the brothers set out to create sounds that are so happy, they instantly make you happy.

Their effervescent uppers aren’t just for your stereo on a bleak day. It is live on stage where the sound and energy of French Horn Rebellion truly kicks ass. Their live shows are a wild mix of unrestrained energy, pure joy and magically moving sound. Crowd interaction is key, and the band has been known to throw out commands like “dance like your favourite animal” to get revellers worked up.

So far, the formula has worked, as the world gets worked up by the sound and enjoy their own rebellion on the dance floor.

If you’re in the mood to dance your face off ( the perfect antidote to the December cold) hit up FABRIC in Busan on Friday the 16th of December or the following night at Rolling Hall in Seoul on the 18th. 



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