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I think..... my best movie

I think..... my best movie that I have ever seen is the <Mr&Mrs Smith>

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are sexiest actor and actress in Hollywood.

They play a married couple in this movie and fought to kill each other.

But they fell in love again.

It's comic action movie and teaches that Lovers quarrels are soon mended.


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My Favorite movie is

My Favorite movie is X-Men!!

Yesterday I just watched X-Men First Class. It was interesting.

If you watch it, after that you want to watch X-Men 1, 2, and 3 again.

You all guys must watch it, don't miss it!

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What is the best movie you

What is the best movie you have ever seen and why?

I didn't see movie. So I don't know what good movie is.



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My best movie is 3

My best movie is 3 Idiots.

This movie's story is about friendship, love and positive mind.

But this movie is very funny and unique.

So, I have ever seen 5 times. Nevertheless, I feel fun and joy at every time.

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First, I like comedy, and

First, I like comedy, and romantic comedy movie.

I don’ like horror.

If I remember right, I enjoying the movie. I like robinhood.

Robin hood is action movie.

The movies are put war, love, etc in.

Robin hood’s main character is splendid.

I like hero and he is robinhood.

War scene was very impressive.

I don’t forget it. My heart is remember fire shaft.

War is bad. But war in the movies are wonderful.

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'태극기 휘날리며' is the best

'태극기 휘날리며' is the best movie that I have ever seen.

I like korean war movie.  Movie that related to korea war  make me pulled at my heartstrings.

태극기 휘날리며 is about 'Jin Tae, Jin Seok' brothers.

Jin Seok is 'Dong Geon Jang', Jin Tae is 'Bin Won'. I like them.

Jin Tae fight at the risk of his life for returned to home his brother Jin Seok.

That figure made me pulled at my heartstrings.

Then I cry a lot in theater.

태극기 휘날날리며 is my unforgettable.

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What is the best movie you

What is the best movie you have ever seen and why?

I love movie. I always watch movie. So there are so many good movie I've ever seen.

Recently, I saw Black swan. It was really great!

The actress 's performance was fantastic!

Also I cried when the movie ending. Because I can felt her emotion.


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I can't choose the best
I can't choose the best movie, because there are lots of best movies

But recently watched best movie is the "black swan".

I saw two times because it is impressive whenever I see.

The movie thrilled  and impressed me.

And This movie is very exciting and remain in my memory.

I highly recommend this movie for you.

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What is the best movie you

What is the best movie you have ever seen and why?

My best movie is 'Orphan'.

There is awesome reversal.

Actors are cream up performance.

I was got goose bumps.

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My favorite movie is "The

My favorite movie is "The Mummy"

This movie deals with the mummies.

When I saw this movie, i got little shocked,

because this film is described as a highly charged thiller,i was only 11.

After I saw this movie I really want to go Egypt.

My favorite role was "Anaksunamoon" Imhotep's lover.

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