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What is the best movie you

What is the best movie you have ever seen and why?

My best movie is "Pride & Prejudice ".

Because i love a dancing hall scene. And i love gay costume. like as the middle ages.

So i like 'Sound of music' and 'Amadeus'.

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My best movie is "A Tale of

My best movie is "A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies"

I watched the movie with my family.

The movie was very impressive.

I want to watch it again.



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My favorite movie is

My favorite movie is harmony.

It's about women in prison.

One of them have a baby and caring the baby in prison.

It was really sad.

I cried when I saw that movie.

This movie is not that funny or exciting But it makes people thinking.

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My best movie that I have

My best movie that I have ever seen is the "Notebook".

My friend recommend the movie.

I watch the movie impressed, the i saw several times.

I would like to meet the same man in the movie.

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Hachi's story is my best

Hachi's story is my best movie.

Hachi is loyal dog.

His owner is very kind to him. but his owner was die he wait everyday, everynight.

So sad movie. 

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Harry potter is very famous

Harry potter is very famous movie and my best movie,

it is very fantastic!

The movie story cannot happen in the real world.

I read a Harry Potter series,

Movie equals to series, they are very interesting!

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The best movie I have ever

The best movie I have ever seen is The Time Traveler´s Wife. It impressed me much. It’s an interesting love story. The protagonists are Henry and his wife Clare. Henry has the special ability to have time travel but he can’t control it well. Clare is a loyal wife who always waits for his husband’s return, without any complaint. She believed that his husband would return and he did. I think everyone should have such a faith, which helps him or her to go ahead. It’s really a good movie that worth you having a watch.

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I think is the best Star Wars

I think is the best Star Wars movie.

War of the Worlds and we are spared the planet for generations to pay for polluting the natural horror of taking us to the movies. Graphics is also the best. Scale as seen by a great many things going on schedule is a film that impressed.

Intense and impressive, and I could feel the love between family members is a movie. In addition, awareness of people is a movie.


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Recently, 'Sunny' was very

Recently, 'Sunny' was very impressed for me.

This movie`s main is ''The school friends".

Sunny is similar to seven princess (this is mean young group) ...haha^^

when finished movie.

naturally, I remind of the existence of a friends.


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My best movie is Secret. It's

My best movie is Secret. It's Taiwan's movie and romance movie. Character are Jay Chou and Guey Lun-mei.

It is most impressive movie for me.  I saw many times because piano melody is very perfect. I'm very impressive.

Two man's piano battles are this movie's best cut. I saw this movie, I never do anything. Unconditional  I concentrate listening piano melody.

I want to see this movie today.....

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