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My best movie is

My best movie is 'Taegukgi'.

I watched this movie more than five times. That movie was touching.

I cried until the end of the movie.

Actors's acting were also excellent.


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I choose the SPIDERMAN. I

I choose the SPIDERMAN.

I saw the SPIDERMAN many times with comic books.

But I think movie is better than comics.

The actor was very similar to comic and action was good too.

Most of all, The actor is very looks like my father.

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I've seen the Harry Potter
I've seen the Harry Potter series of movies during the film is the best.

Among them, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was the most fun.

First, a very good representation of the CG fantasy, and few changes in the novel

Match of the hero and heroine of the movie was good.

And also very interesting information.
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The best movie I ever seen is

The best movie I ever seen is Marley and Me.. 

Do you know that movie?

This movie is about a couple who have just married and want to have a child but they afraid and think that they were not ready yet. They bought a dog for "practice". They think if they can take care that dog maybe someday they can be more prepared when they have a baby. They really love that dog. Many problems happened in that couple life and that that dog always be there accompany them. Until one time, the dog getting older and older and sick. In the end the dog died and they were very sad.

Actually this movie had a sad ending. This movie is very very great and very very sad.. ㅠㅠ

I cried when I watched this movie.. This is recommended movie for you, especially dog the dog lovers.. but don't forget prepare some tissue when you watch this movie... :)

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I must remember to

I must remember to Yonggari
Because this film is the first time
And all with my family because of this movie
Once again I want to see the opportunity.

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What is the best movie you

What is the best movie you have ever seen and why? 


I have one thing. the twilight series. I am really loving it. I reviewed this series many times.  It is a movie about a vampire man and a girl. Then are in love.

The vampire man, Edward has concern about his human girlfriend, Bella. She wants to be vampire so that she lives with him forever.

The movie's scenes is very beautiful and there are fascinating actions.  Above all, Robert Pattinson, the actor who acts Edward, is very glowingly attractive. scenesscenes i     ddf

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Harmony is my best movie. I

Harmony is my best movie.

I saw this movie with my friend when I finished the College Scholastic Ability Test.

When I saw this movie, it became known as sad movie already.

Scene that Heroine and Heroine's son met during chorus performance was best scene for me.

I had cried so hard.  You will watch this movie and cry your eyes out like me.



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So many movies are great so I

So many movies are great so I choose a movie I think the best movie recently. The movie is "3 Idiots". It is a Indian comedy film. The film broke

all opening box office records in India. The movie discusses the system of education in India. But I think that is the same problem in many

country. After watching the movie, it inspires me to think my purpose of studying. I should study for myself .   "Choose what you love, and love

what you chose." 




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this week's question is: What

this week's question is: What is the best movie you have ever seen and why?

my have ever seen best movie is Sunny. because Sunny is very recently movie that I have ever seen.

do you know this movie?

Sunny is released at may 4th 2011. I have ever seen this movie is may 21th 2011. however the movie was released 17days later, a lot of people were went still at the theater.

Sunny is very interesting. while I see the movie, I always smiling.

however this movie's language is very violent, I like comedy movie. so I like this movie.

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I have ever seen haeundae

I have ever seen haeundae movie
haeundae came home to my heart beacause I live in busan
also my sister live in haeundae
nowdays has chandges in climate worldwide.
I feel nervous somehow during I saw movie
haeundae  described vividly

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