Former Miss Korea Sex Scandal Continues


The saga of the latest celebrity sex scandal has taken a new twist. Han Sung-joo, a former Miss Korea in 1994, is being sued by her ex-Taiwanese-American boyfriend Christopher Hsu. Hsu filed a suit against Han in a Korean court on Wednesday through a Korean lawyer and is seeking W500 million in compensation.

Hsu accusses Han of Hsu using three of his credit cards and running up a 340 million won bill, including buying an 80 million won Hermes watch and a 20 million won handbag amongst other luxurious items.

According to the Chosun Ilbo, Hsu in his written complaint says Han and other members of her family assaulted him at her home in Seoul in March after he threatened during a heated argument to make their amorous relationship public. They falsely imprisoned him and forced him to sign a statement saying he was “responsible for everything.”

A former Miss Korea and now TV presenter, Han is the latest victim of the Internet celebrity sex scandal, in which a video purported to be of her and her unseen boyfriend was revealed. The video was uploaded on a blog in early December and quickly went viral. Han’s lawyer denies all charges against his client.

She had previously married the third son of AeKyung cosmetics and detergent conglomerate chairwoman Chang Young-shin in 1999, but divorced just 10 months later.

You can read our initial coverage of the scandal here. has the vid if you so desire.




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