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Busan Biz Profile: Jimi and Roy`s Financial Services

When working overseas, deciding what to do with your finances can become a difficult decision. Learning to build personal wealth should be a number one priority at any point in a person’s life. If you are sitting on a nest egg, or you are looking to invest some of your salary, a common question around the expat community has been, How can I invest my money here?

Jimi Lee, the president of Jimi & Roy’s Financial Services, has seven years of experience dealing with the expat community on all of their financial needs. His full-service consultations can help you deal with health insurance planning and retirement, real-estate, opening CMA & MMF savings accounts, stocks, beneficiary certificates, derivatives, and almost any kind of financial service you need – all in English without the hassle of any miscommunication, a key to any expat looking to invest when living abroad.

Lee’s first piece of advice to newcomers here is that it is possible to save a lot money here whether you are here for the short term, or for the long haul.It’s possible to invest here and save for your future, no matter what your salary is, he says. It makes financial sense to invest even if you don’t plan on staying here that long. We have programs designed for both short and long term visitors.Apart from developing financial plans and guiding clients to meet their financial goals, he also keeps up with research and analysis of various financial products.

The KOSPI has risen 8.07% year-on-year, making it an attractive market to invest in

So who is a good candidate for retaining a financial planner? People just starting their careers and developing spending and saving habits and goals that will affect them for the rest of their lives; when they’re going through a major life change like divorce, death of a spouse, birth of a child, starting a business, major career change, etc.; and when they’re planning their retirement income.

Lee recommends investing in the Korean market, as the market has performed much better than the U.S., Japanese or even European markets in the past few years.

People should focus on Korean funds and securities as they are growing, and the market is still emerging, he says.

Services Available

  • Retirement annuity/pension
  • Insurance planning
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Open Saving account(CMA, MMF)
  • Beneficiary certificate(Fund)
  • Stocks and mutual fund account
  • Variable Insurance, Health, Annuity, Auto&Fire Insurance
  • Free consulting!

If you are looking for financial consultations, you can reach Jimi at
010-7532-0008 or via email at 

During his rare moments of free time from the financial world, Jimi is also co-founder and lead guitarist of popular local band, Lady Goodman. Guitar lessons are negotiable with the financial services, jokes Jimi.



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