Female Undercover Cop Brings Down Ulsan’s Infamous “Burberry Man”


Ulsan police have arrested a 50-year-old man accused of exposing himself frequently around a girl’s high school.

A 33-year-old female police officer surnamed Park helped bring down the suspect on April 17th by posing as a bus passenger undercover and secretly filming him in the act after waiting for hours at a bus stop near the high school.

Once she secured the evidence, a patrol team was called in to arrest the man who had apparently been doing it for years.

A ‘Burberry Man” is a reference in Korea to men who wear a trench coat and expose themselves to unsuspecting females.

Schools get the highest proportion of flashers with 31% with streets second at 27% according to a 2012 study in Korea.

Park, a 6th degree taekwondo coach, has received a lot of praise and media attention for her efforts to bring down the infamous flasher.



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