National Trivia Night at HQ Gwangan

    March 26, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Asia/Seoul Timezone
    HQ Gwangan
    3,000 won
    National Trivia Night at HQ Gwangan @ HQ Gwangan

    Regulators!!! Mount up!!! National Trivia is back in all of its Spring glory this Sunday, March 26th. We are at three bars–HQ, of course, and Rocky Mountain Tavern in Seoul, and Bear Paw in Pyeongtaek. Busan continued it’s losing slump last month, so let’s gear up our brains for some revenge!

    How does National Trivia Night work? Well, come down to HQ and sign your team up. Entry is 3,000 won per person playing (which is tossed in an empty pitcher). MAXIMUM OF 6 PEOPLE PER TEAM. The night will consist of 3 Rounds, with 3 Categories per round, and 10 Questions per category (so 90 questions in all). Every bar will obviously be having the same questions. In between every round is a chance to win a pitcher of beer at your table. The bars will be communicating scores through Skype and Google Docs, so you will be updated with the scores from the other bars periodically

    LOCAL PRIZE: The team with the highest score in HQ will receive the pitcher full of money. The second place team will receive a pitcher of beer, bought to them by the winning team. The last place team will select the Karaoke song that the winning team must sing in order to collect their money.

    NATIONAL PRIZE: The team with the highest score overall between the 5 bars will receive a 50,000 won bar tab from all the losing bars*. (ie. If you are at HQ and you get the National top score, your team will receive a 50,000 won bar tab at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Seoul and Bear Paw in Pyeongtaek). ALSO, your team will receive 5 vouchers** for tickets to Painter’s Hero , the non-verbal Korean performance sensation. go here for details

    THE FIRST CATEGORY, AS ALWAYS, WILL BE CURRENT NEWS (aka. News of the week). There will also be multimedia rounds, and all the questions will presented in PowerPoint form on the TV Monitors.

    Start time is 7:00 pm sharp this month, so please get there early to ensure seats, tables, and entry.

    * 50,000 won bar tabs expire 5 weeks after the event. You must have at least two team members to collect. So travel and get to know this wonderful country and the people in each area!

    ** I hate fine print, but theatre vouchers will have an expiry date. Reservations need to happen one week before attending



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