Eat Like a Local: Three Great Places to Get Odaeng in Busan


Odaeng is one of those Korean traditional foods that never get old to eat. Also known as eomuk, the fish cake is a processed seafood made with various ingredients and is popular as a snack or anju when drinking soju or makkeolli.

Busan is well-known across the country as one of the best places to get the treat — people from all over the country descend on the hundreds of restaurants and food stalls citywide for the treat.

What makes a good odaeng stand out is the broth or the eomukguk— which usually includes water, anchovies, green onions and kelp — though more delicious broths include many more ingredients such as dried shrimp, mussels and mushrooms.

If you’re looking to give eomuk a go, here’s three places in Busan worth checking out.

Bumjeon-dong Odaengjip

Using her grandmothers 40-year-old secret recipe, Bumjeon-dong Odaengjip uses 18 kinds of fish mixed with water and seaweed from the Nakdong River as well as its fresh fish paste. You can choose from the set menu of odaeng or enjoy the spicy bib noodles.

Specialty: Odaeng 700 won, Bibimguksu 4,500 won

Open: 11:00 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Saturday

Address: Seomyeon Sangyong Sweetdothome Sky, Busan Citizen’s Park-ro 11, Busanjin-gu

Telephone: (051) 803-5008

Odaengtang is a great choice of soup to enjoy with Korea’s traditional rice wine, makkeolli.

Smile Eomuk

Opened in 2008, this restaurant quickly gained fame for its fresh, handmade odaeng which combines shrimp, red pepper, cheese, fish paste, sweet potato and pollock along with herbal salt and pickled seafood.

Specialty: Suji 12,000 won, Odaeng 700 won to 2,600 won

Open: 5:30 p.m. – 1 a.m. Monday – Saturday

Address: 1748-2, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu

Telephone: (051) 902-2710


They use a 54-year-old fish paste recipe here, with a combination of flavors that make the broth one of the best in town. The old-style tables add a touch of the past, yet its fusion food style brings a modern touch.

Specialty: Odaeng (20,000 won)

Open: 4:30 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Address: 15-2, 2-ga, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu



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