Located in Centum, Eomma Ttukbaegi (Mom’s Earthen Bowls) is cleverly somewhere between casual and fancy. Price is affordable as a decent meal, the interior is nice and closer to casual, but you will feel special at the table. All side dishes are awesome and delicious, too.

Side dishes for one portion

There are only four kinds of Korean meal you can choose from, each being 13,000 won. Eomma doenjang (엄마된장) is a homemade style beanpaste pot stew with hanu, warty sea squirts, and Korean mint (wrinkled giant hyssop) in it. Deulkkae yeongyangjjim (들깨 영양찜) is a pot stew with perilla seed powder and vegetable in it. Jaecheop-jinguk (재첩 진국) is a corbicula soup. And lastly, hanu bulgogi (한우 불고기), which you can see on the main photo above. Personally, deulkkae yeongyangjjim is my favorite here and hanu bulgogi is very salty for me. Additional rice is free of charge and you can ask for refill for side dishes.

You can park on B1 but it is a bit difficult to find a parking space during lunch time. You have to get a 1-hour parking ticket at the cashier. You need to put the ticket in the machine and pay for overtime; you can use only 1 ticket for a car.

Restaurant Information

Eomma Kkukbaegi (엄마 뚝배기) in Centum

Open: 11 am – 9:40 pm daily (except Chuseok and Seollal)

Address: 2F, Daewoo Worldmark Centum, U-dong, Haeundae, Busan

Phone: 051 – 742 – 6565




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