On baseball game day, you can have a fun experience in this restaurant. Many people in Lotte uniforms are having hot spicy nakji-bokkeum, or small octopus, speaking Busan direct in the packed restaurant. They eat so hard and cheer so hard too — it seems like they are loading up on hot spicy energy for a hot baseball game.

Cool ajumnas serve you. When it is ready, put some in your bowl with bean sprouts and leeks, and stir like bibimbap (start with a quarter of the rice first). If you put lots of nakjibokkeum at once, it can be too salty or spicy. Bokkeum means pan-broiled food; oil can be used like bokkeum-bap.

Oryukdo Nakji has several kinds of bokkeum; Nakji- bokkeum, saeu (shrimp)-bokkeum, gopchang (chittelings)-bokkeum, and mixed versions of bokkeum such as nak-sae (nakji and saeu), nak-gop (nakji and gopchang) and bul-nak (gulgogi and nakji). The price is 7,000 won or 8,000 won per one portion. Rice is not included and is 1,000 won per bowl.

The restaurant on left and its parking lot on right

This restaurant has a parking lot only for its customers. You can park conveniently right in front, but you must not leave your car there; your car can be towed or chained. I guess many have tried to do it during a baseball game.

Avoid lunch time but lunch time before a baseball game could be a fun time for you (you may need to wait in line). At night after a game, some nakji-bokkeum with soju or makgeulli sounds like a good plan, too.

Restaurant Information

Oryukdo Nakji (오륙도 낙지)

Open: 10:30 am – 9:30 pm daily (except Chuseuok and Seollal )

Address: 90-39, Sajik2-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

Phone: 051 – 506 – 1854




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