Drink in Busan: Enjoy Genuine Czech Beer at Praha 993


Beer lovers can enjoy quality beer from Europe at Praha 993, which is located across from Terarosa, surrounding Jungjeong.

The digit 993 refers to the year when beer was first made in the Czech Republic. Praha 993’s beer is brewed with the original recipe used by Czech monastery brewers and ingredients imported from the Czech Republic. The authentic libation, made in-house, has a savory and slightly bitter flavor, popular among local beer lovers. Pair the suds with fare made by a Czech chef, for sensational, though unfamiliar tastes.

Authentic Czech craft beer is 5,000 won while chicken schnitzel runs 13,000 won and beef goulash is 15,000 won.

Restaurant Info:

Hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.



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