Dokdo Real-time Video Service launched at Pukyong National University


BUSAN, South Korea – Pukyong National University is offering a new video service, the Dokdo real-time video broadcasting service, at its Global Lounge at Dongwon Jang Bogo Hall on Daeyeon Campus, the first service of its kind at a university in Korea.

The video is filmed using a panorama camera installed at 100 meters above sea level and shows real-time moving images transmitted by Mugunghwa Satellite No. 3 on the 55 inch LED screen installed at the Dongwon Jang Bogo Hall.

The camera has a remote control facility for a 360 degree view. Not only the beautiful view of Dokdo but also sunsets over Dokdo, fantastic views of the flocks of seagulls flying over crashing waves, and the sound of the waves and wind will now be broadcast live 24 hours a day.

President of Pukyong National University, Park Maeng-eon, said “The real-time Dokdo video service will enhance the importance of our sea territories in the minds of our university students, our faculty members and visitors to our university as well”, and added, “The Dokdo video service also will promote the undeniable fact of Dokdo being Korean territory to international students and to Korean War veterans visiting the nearby UN Memorial Cemetery.”

Source: Busan City News



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