Dokdo Real-time Video Service launched at the Modern History Museum


BUSAN, South Korea — Busan City is offering a real-time Dokdo video broadcasting service, at the lobby of the Busan Modern History Museum. The aim is to promote a love for our territory and recognition of the beauty of Dokdo among all visitors.

Supported by KBK* and Busan City Gas Co., Ltd., the real-time images are captured by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) using a panorama camera installed 100 meters above sea level and are transmitted by Mugunghwa Satellite No. 3 onto the 55 inch LED screen installed at the lobby of the Busan Modern History Museum.

Currently, Dokdo real-time video broadcasting service is being provided at 48 places across the nation, including the Cheongwhadae (Blue House), the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Northeast Asian History Foundation, Ulleung-gun Office and two places in Busan – Pukyong National University and Busan Modern History Museum.

The director of Busan Modern History Museum, Na Dong-uk, said, “The real-time Dokdo video service will enhance our understanding of the importance of our marine territory.”

For more information, please contact the Busan Modern History Museum at 051)253-3845.

Busan Modern History Museum
Location: 104 Daecheong-ro, Jung-gu, Busan
Opening Hours: 9am-6pm (closed on Mondays)
Phone Number: 051)253-3845

*KBK is a broadcasting alliance consisting of Korea Broadcasting System, Boaz Welfare Incorporated Foundation, and Korea Broadcasting Journalist Club

Source: Busan City News



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