After two years of blood, sweat, tears, and grinding away at the keyboard, my book, DISPATCHES FROM THE PENINSULA: SIX YEARS IN SOUTH KOREA, is coming out. This book was written in Busan and is largely about Busan, so what better way to celebrate its release than with a big 'ol Busan party?

    So far the buzz is been amazing. Allow me to proffer some blurbs:

    Tharp is like some punk-rock Huck Finn, as aware and humane as he is blithely non- PC, drama springing up around him with every choice he makes: another country, another drink, another thought he maybe should have kept to himself—but his brain is bigger than his mouth, and Dispatches from the Peninsula gives us the whole show. And somehow, amid all its intelligence and humor, the book packs a deeper wallop too, as a serious meditation on the lifelong experiment of growing up. 

    – Lawrence Krauser, author of Lemon, The Joy of Google, and The Day in Question

    Tough and true is Tharp's journey in South Korea. I found myself back here, welcoming anew Korea's wonder, her wrangle, the distinct spirit of the peninsula and her people. All along the way, Tharp is an observant and steady companion.

    – Cullen Thomas, author of Brother One Cell

    This is my first book and I am at once proud and humbled. I'll do a few selected readings at the beginning of the night, and then we can all get drunk and listen to the sublime sounds of POKO LAMBRO, who will be treating us to their special version of ethereal Texas twang. Also, playing his original Korea-centric compositions one and only DANNY PANOZZO!!!

    A LIMITED NUMBER OF COPIES WILL BE FOR SALE. I'll even sign 'em if you want!!!! 

    And for anyone interested in the e-book, it's currently available on Amazon: 


    So please, come out and support me on my first, dizzying foray into the literary world!



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