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J Sports Pub is a new, ultra-chic sports bar located in Haeundae with an array of activities to keep you occupied while you enjoy one of their signature cocktails or delicious, or one of their freshly-made entrees. Test your luck at bowling, snooker, darts or any of the fun activities that make this bar a one-of-a-kind establishment in the city.

부산 해운대 스펀지 지하1층에 위치한 스포츠펍입니다. 볼링,다트,포켓볼,리얼슈팅게임, 파티룸, 클럽PARTY


Phone: 010-6754-4254 (English), 051-724-0300 (Korean)
Website: J Pub
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Opening Hours: Monday~Sunday: 5:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
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