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Detecting and Treating Common Gynecological Disorders


 Most problems that occur in the area of gynecologic health are easily treatable if detected early by regular checkups.
Here are some to keep your eye open for.

There are numerous kinds of disorders in the gynecologic area of medicine, and treatments can vary widely depending on the manifestations of each particular condition. Some relatively common disorders can be easily remedied with minimally invasive surgical procedures once detected.

Cervical Polyps

While cervical polyps usually don’t cause any pain or discomfort, larger polyps can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding and should be attended to by a qualified physician. Since bleeding can normally occur during the early phases of pregnancy, women planning to have children are advised to get regular checkups. If the polyps give off symptoms or are possibly malignant, the patient can be treated easily without anesthesia or hospitalization before getting back to daily routines. Biopsies are taken from the eliminated lesions. It is recommended to receive checkups about cervical cytology on an annual basis.

Endometrial Polyps

An endometrial polyp is a benign disorder in the endometrium, which doesn’t cause any pain when it’s small but can be the cause of excessive bleeding during regular menstrual periods or irregular menstruation. It can be found by ultrasound and then treated by a hysteroscopic procedure or endometrial polypectomy, which only takes 5-10 minutes. A hysteroscope can also reveal additional disorders that might not be found by ultrasound. Because endometrial polyps can cause miscarriages, women who have recurrent miscarriages need to seek the attention of their physician.

Uterine Myoma

About 50% of women of childbearing age have uterine myoma, and the treatment can be different depending on the size and position. When it is smaller than 4 cm and doesn’t cause any pain, it only requires regular checkups. However, if it’s larger than 5 cm, or causes cramps or excessive bleeding during menstruation, it needs to be dealt with. The myoma can be removed relatively easily if it is located near the endometrium. The removal usually requires a 30-minute procedure followed by day of hospitalization. On the other hand, laparoscopic surgery is required if the myoma is located on myometrium or is protruding out of the uterus. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes and requires 4-6 days of hospitalization. Since myomas tend to grow, and sometimes cause sterility, ultrasounds on a regular basis are required for prevention of complications.

Ovarian Cysts

The ovaries can have various cysts, most of which are benign. Common cysts are endometrioma, teratoma, corpus luteum, serous cystadenoma and mucinous cystadenoma, which can be easily removed by laparoscopic surgery. If the ovarian cyst isn’t attended to properly, it can eventually lead to abdominal distention or dyschezia. It can also cause severe pain when it is torsional or if it bursts. It then needs to be removed as soon as possible with laparoscopic surgery. This usually takes less than an hour. This is followed by 4-6 days of hospitalization before the patient can return to daily life upon leaving the hospital.

Minimally invasive surgical procedures of gynecologic benign disorders generally take less than an hour, ensure quick recovery, leave little scarring and postoperative adhesion, and don’t cause excessive pain. For fertility preservation and the prevention of complications, it is very important to get regular checkups, such as cervical cytology screenings and ultrasound, to treat disorders as soon as possible before lesions become larger.

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