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Delicious Vibes at Almost Famous


If you like your music deep and funky, come out to Almost Famous near Kyungsung University on May 19th. Four DJ's from around Korea will rock your night with deep, funky, and disco house you can groove to. All four have been making serious waves in different scenes throughout Korea, from Seoul to Gwangju to Busan, as well as producing tracks that have charted in the top 100 of various international sales charts.
This is a free event, so grab your friends and drop by for a drink and some good tunes

DJ Lineup:


Mykian is a Seoul-based veteran DJ from the U.S. who is known for spinning on vinyl and playing the trumpet live during his sets. Does a lot of deep and soulful house and is a regular DJ at Seoul venues such as Venue, Berlin, 52, Pier 8, as well as well as performing at the World DJ and RocKorea Festivals! Mykian is also the host of "Spacious," a radio show on MyHouseYourHouse and WNUR-FM in Chicago.


Matt Benetar is Seoul-based DJ who loves funky and Nu Disco sounds. Has played regularly around Seoul at places like Berlin Lounge in Itaewon and Gate (formerly known as Via) and Club Mansion in Hongdae.


Ian Lovely is from Suncheon in Jeollanamdo, and has been a regular at Almost Famous when he played as part of the Gutta Deep and Gwangju Underground parties. Has also played various other venues around Korea including Berlin in Seoul, Blank in Suncheon, and Soul Some in Gwangju. Plays deep house and funky tech house, and if people are still around at 6am, may go into some trance.


Daniel Lyons is a DJ/Producer from Ireland. His productions range from Tech House to Minimal to Techno. This year, he has already scored a Top 5 release (on djtunes) with "In Chicago EP", a collaboration with veteran DJ/Producer John Lockley. His other releases are getting attention from the house community. He is definitely someone to listen to this year.









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