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It's time again for another edition to the Delicious Vibes session, featuring the best in Underground House music that will make you groove.

Delicious Vibes 7 @ Almost Famous (Kyungsung Univ. Area)

It's time again for another edition to the Delicious Vibes session, featuring the best in Underground House music that will make you groove.

Our guest this month is veteran Busan DJ Dusty Dols, who was formerly resident DJ at the legendary Busan venue Vinyl Underground during its heyday, and is currently a member of the Most Infamous DJ crew. Expect some excellent house music. to groove out to. Interested in finding out more? Visit our website at

As always, this party is FREE. Thats right, NO COVER. So come out, have a drink, and dance your face off at Busan's best underground music venue Almost Famous. 


Mike Holland (USA)
Delicious Vibes creator and veteran DJ in the Korean scene, he has played in almost every big city in Korea but keeps it real by doing his thing at Almost Famous every month. Expect deep, groovy, soulful, and tech house.

B. Jinx (USA) 
D'Vibes co-creator and longtime DJ on the expat scene. Has played in places such as Vinyl Underground in Busan, Mansion in Seoul, and more. As of late, he has focused his energies on production. His productions have caught the attention by many djs and producers in the underground scene, such as Andrew Macari (Greenhouse Music Group), Bartoz Brenes and Le Babar (17:44/Groovetraxx), Tommy Largo, Mark Castley (aka Gussy), and more. In 2012, he launched the underground label, Craniality Sounds, which recently have seen scores of hits on digital retailers such as Beatport, Stompy, Traxsource, and Juno Download. 
Find B.Jinx on:
Find Craniality Sounds on:

Ecky Thump (AUSTRALIA)
One of the biggest names in the Busan scene. If there is a big club in Busan, he has probably played it. Holding down residencies in places such as Club FIX, Elune, Vinyl Underground and more, he has delivered the goods playing various styles from Electro and Breakbeat to now his signature funky tech style, JUNGLE FUNK.
Find Ecky Thump on:

Dusty Dols (KOR)
Our Guest DJ and longtime resident of Vinyl Underground and Almost Famous. Representing Sound Bombin'/Most Infamous Crew, a collective of DJs and Turntablists who are dedicated to maintaining the art of DJing (not only in Busan, but nationwide/worldwide).

Mike Holland, B.Jinx ??? Ecky Thump? ???? ???? ??? Deep, Tech, Classic House ??? ?? Delicious Vibes session? ?????.

???? ?? Deejay? most InFamous ??? ??? ?? DJ Dusty Dols ???.

?? ???? ?? ??? ???????. 
?? ??? ?????? ?? Almost Famous?? ?? ?? ?? ????.

Mike Holland – Delicious Vibes? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ???.
???? Almost Famous?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ?????.

B. Jinx – ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????. 
Beatport?? Craniality Sounds? ?? ???? ????.

Ecky Thump – Elune, Club Fix? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? Ecky Thump.
??? Funky Tech Style? Jungle Funk? ????? ????.

Dusty Dols – ??? ????? Vinyl Underground? Almost Famous?? ???? Resident DJ? ???? Most InFamous/Sound Bombin ??? Dusty Dols.




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