Dave Beck Releases ‘Stranger Homes’ in Korea


Dave Beck is coming off the release of his critically acclaimed album “Stranger Homes” in Korea.  Formerly based in Brooklyn, Beck spent four years performing and developing his craft amidst the New York scene, and has received very positive regards from multiple national tours. Stranger Homes, was recorded over the course of 3 months at Galuminum foil studios, starting with Beck playing all of the parts and eventually bringing in friends as guest performers.   

     In Korea, Dave Beck is known for his appearance on the hit Korean TV show 무한도전 (“Infinite Challenge”) as a Think Coffee barista, and has since noticed a steady stream of followers to his music.   It all started in the fall of 2009, when 무한도전 invaded the busy Manhattan coffee shop.  As the line wrapped out the door, Beck served the Korean actors who were dressed in traditional hanbok as they attempted to order coffee like a New Yorker.  It wasn’t long after the show’s airing that the shop transformed forever.  

Over the next 2 years, waves of tour buses full of Korean visitors poured into Think Coffee to order their  “Medium soy latte with a little bit of foam,” just as they’d seen on their favorite TV show.  This led to the eventual opening of Think Coffee Korea in the fall of 2011, when Beck made the voyage over for the grand opening in Seoul to play a rooftop concert and help with the new shop.  

   Now, Dave Beck lives in Seoul and is set to officially share his music with his new home.  The album translates the transitions of his Iowa roots into the years of developing as a musician in New York City.  It’s about love, transitions, and ultimately finding a home away from home.  You can catch Dave Beck performing anywhere from the streets of Insadong to the halls of Hongdae.  Or, you can find him hanging out one of the various Think Coffees in Seoul.

Check out Dave Beck at Club Realize this weekend Oct 3.


By Tina Peverly



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