Increasingly Popular Kiwi Wine Back this Month with Second Wine Festival in Busan

Bobby McGill 10 weeks 2 days ago

Building on last year’s highly successful New Zealand Wine Festival, the Kiwi Chamber of Commerce is bringing the event back to the Busan Park Hyatt again this year on May 31st. In the first of a two-part series, Haps gives you a primer on one of the world’s fastest growing and highly-regarded wine producing nations.

CockAsian Korean Spicy Chicken Truck Ready to Roll Despite Hard to Swallow Name

Bobby McGill 20 weeks 2 days ago

American cook and entrepreneur Candie Yoder gave her new business a spicy name that some in the community are finding very hard to swallow. According to Yoder it's no big deal. She's a white woman, the food is Asian, so there you go: CockAsian.

Japanese Castles in Korea: Crumbling Remnants of a Distant Warring Past

Bobby McGill 22 weeks 3 days ago

The seven year Imjin War at the end of the 16th century was East Asia's largest ever engagement of troops. After quickly capturing Busan, Japan's scorched earth policy laid waste from here to Pyongyang until Ming Chinese forces entered the war to protect their suzerain status over Korea. This forced the Japanese troops to dig in with a series of castles --remnants of which can still be seen today.

As Yet, Little Help for Foreigners as Korea`s Largest Ever Data Theft Possibly Affects a Million Expats

Bobby McGill 27 weeks 4 days ago

Foreign customers at Korean banks are being stranded with a lack of non-Korean information and no advice on possible compensation following the largest financial data theft case in Korean history. Though some expats have reported that visits to their local branch have left them feeling reassured.

Asiana 214 Video Released. Testimony Points to Pilot Error as Likely Cause of Crash [VIDEO]

Bobby McGill 33 weeks 1 day ago

The National Transportation Safety Board, America’s investigative body looking into the crash of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco, has released two versions of the crash video, as well as documentation of the initial investigation testimony.

New iPads to Finally Go on Sale in Korea Dec. 16, After Korean Consumers Wait a Full Seven Weeks for Apple`s Latest Tech

Bobby McGill 33 weeks 5 days ago

For those looking to upgrade to Apple's iPad Air, the typically long wait is over as it was announced today they will arrive on Korean shores December 16th. And so ends another chapter in the story of the Korean consumer being shielded from the latest gadgetry by cumbersome approval processes.

Pre-Birthday Celebration for the Japanese Emperor in Seoul Makes Some `Uncomfortable`

Bobby McGill 33 weeks 6 days ago

Much to the displeasure of parties on both sides, Emperor Akihito has long sought to overcome bad relations with his Korean neighbors —neighbors with whom he has acknowledged that he himself shares a common bloodline with.

Travel Feature: Deluxe Korean Weekend Getaways on the Inside

Bobby McGill 36 weeks 2 days ago

Settle in folks, winter is here and there's no sign of warmth due until April. Time to hibernate inside and catch up on all the stuff you put off while the weather outside was good. If you're going to be stuck indoors, why not treat yourself to something nice?

Feature: Five Questions for Photographer Simon Bond [PHOTOS]

Bobby McGill 46 weeks 4 days ago

Last September, Simon Bond released his book, 'Simple Scene, Sensational Shot,' which led him to quit his day job and pursue photography full-time. Originally from the UK, the 35-year-old Bond studied biochemistry at the University of London’s King’s College before settling down in Suncheon with his wife Jayoung. Haps recently talked with Simon about his life, his work and what advice he has for aspiring photographers.

Poop Wine: Traditional Korean Remedy Gets First Ever Public Documentary

Bobby McGill 49 weeks 3 days ago

Cultures around the world have been using it throughout history to cure various ailments. A new documentary looks at the process of how poop wine is made by practitioners who still see it as the medicine of choice.

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