CJ Hellovision Teams up with Google for Chromecast in Korea



This past May, CJ Hellovision, Korea’s largest cable company, along with their streaming service TVing, launched a partnership with Google to make Korea the first country in Asia to offer Chromecast and its multi-device streaming technology.

The 49,900 won device, which is available from places such as Hi-Mart and GMarket, makes good use of Korea’s high-speed internet connection, allowing TVing users, which already count over 6.5 million in Korea, to now enjoy a wider selection of offerings.

This is a great chance for TVing to be on more screens, allowing for the company to expand, according to senior project manager Kim Jong-won. As TVing is the best OTT service company in Korea, we will lead this industry by developing the latest technology.

Compatible with all major operating systems and mobile devices, the 2.83 inch Chromecast dongle that plugs into your TV is already highly-popular in the American market where the simple configuration allows apps like Netflix, YouTube and Plex to stream video from any mobile device to the TV. It also allows users to open a Chrome browser tab remotely and view it on the big screen.

Chromecast is a streaming device that plugs into your television via an HDMI port. There is no need to have a smart TV, just an HDMI port and you’re good to go. Once inserted, Chromecast offers a wireless gateway to video, music, photos and apps that turn your television into an Internet hub for popular apps like TVing.

Simply browse the content you’re interested in on your mobile device—such as a smartphone or a tablet—then tell it to play on your TV. Chromecast automatically switches your TV to the correct input while allowing you to adjust the volume by simply using your mobile device’s built-in volume controls. While playing on your TV, you can multi-task with your phone as you normally would. Since it works as a mirroring device, Chromecast streaming from your mobile device to the TV has almost no effect on battery usage.

Once installed, the service allows viewers to enjoy HD quality streaming at 1280×720, and new technology developed by CJ Hellovision makes flipping through the wide-range of channels much faster.

Mickey Kim, Head of Chromecast & TV Partnerships, Google Asia Pacific, sees this partnership as a perfect fit for Korea and its ‘cord-cutting’ trend.

Koreans are some of the most savvy consumers of content over the Internet in the world and the smartphone is already a much larger part of their media consumption than elsewhere, said Kim. Over 60% of YouTube views in Korea come from mobile devices, compared to the 40% average for the world. All these mobile content lovers will now be able to bridge the gap between their smartphone and the biggest screen in the house.

You can visit CJ Hellovision on the web at www.cjhello.com

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