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China Intentionally Blocks Line, Kakao


South Korea said today it confirmed that Chinese authorities had intentionally blocked services of Kakao and LINE mobile messengers on fears of abuse by terrorist groups.
Talks are underway to normalize the services, it said.

The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said some of the messenger services in China that spread information linked to terrorists activities were blocked (by the Chinese authority). This included Kakao Talk and LINE.

The ministry said, quoting Chinese authorities, that many terrorist groups in China reportedly spread information on how to make explosives while engaging in propaganda activities through these websites, as well as cloud computing systems.

Other global messengers such as Didi, Talk Box and Vower were also blocked by the authority for the same reasons, it said.

Kakao Talk is operated by South Korea’s Kakao Corporation. Line is run by Japan-based Line Corporation, an affiliate of South Korea’s biggest portal Naver.

The ministry said it will continue the talks with its Chinese counterpart to settle the issue.



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