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China Airlines Starts Flights from Busan to Taipei

A Busan official stated that as China Airlines of Taiwan started its flight service for the first time between Busan and Taipei, the number of flights between Busan and Taipei increased from 12 to 18.

Taipei lines from Gimhae airport operated by AirBusan and TransAsia Airways are flown 12 times a week, but since China Airlines started its flight service, the number of flights has increased to 18.

Peach Airlines, a low-cost airline out of Japan, will start its flight service between Busan and Kansai on the 12th of September, 7 times a week. Peach Airlines will take these flights over from the existing 3 airlines operating at GimHae airport.

When Peach Airlines starts its service, the number of flight services between Busan and Kansai will increase up to 56 times a week.

Source: Busan eFM News






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