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    Aishwarya Rai, Willem Dafoe Added to PIFF Lineup

    As if the news of Kim Yunjin visiting PIFF wasn’t enough, Bollywood beauty, Aishwarya Rai, often considered the most beautiful woman in the world (by myself at least), will also be in attendance at the festival. The Indian actress, has twice been voted in Time magazines “100 most influential people in the world”, also won the 1994 Miss World crown.

    Also confirmed to attend will be American screen legend Willem Dafoe. The two-time Academy award nominee known for his eccentric roles and iconic face has over 30 years of acting experience professionally and is a great addition to an already star-studded PIFF line-up that features director Oliver Stone.

    The festival begins October 7th and runs through the 15th.

    This is a photo of Aishwarya and myself on our first date. I cropped myself out because I blinked when the picture was snapped

    Tesco Opening New Convenience Stores in Korea

    Tesco, the UK food giant, is using Korea as a test model for 18 franchise convenience stores. Korea is Tesco’s largest market outside the United Kingdom, and is using the trial to base future Asian ventures. Korea currently has 117 hypermarkets and 226 Express stores in the country.

    Unfortunately, the new convenience stores will be based around the Seoul area. However, if you are in need, odds are that you will be able to find a supermarket or convenience store within every 10 feet of walking space in the city.

    Busan to Geoje Underwater Sea Link Complete

    Korea’s first underwater road tunnel has been completed, linking Busan to Geoje City. The 3.7 kilometer tunnel is the last stage of the 8.2 kilometer Geoga Bridge, which links Gadeok Islet and Goeje City.

    For those who like to experience Geoje’s beauty, the new direct roadway will shorten the previously 140 kilometer drive to 60 kilometers, reducing the time from a little over two hours to less than an hour.

    In related news, the Korean media reported this week that the government is doing a feasibility study on tunnels that would connect Korea to China and Japan. Congrats on the tunnel in Geoje, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, eh?

    Open Top Double-Decker Tour Buses a Hit in Busan

    According to Dynamic Busan Magazine, the tour buses that are becoming more visible everyday are becoming quite popular with out-of-towners. Beginning in 2006, the service has been increasing each year, shuttling about 10 to 15 thousand people a month.

    There are four tours to choose from: the Haeundae and Tajongdae course, a night course, Eulsukdo Natural Ecology course, and a downtown course. Tours run 10,000 won for adults and 5,000 won for kids under 18.

    You can visit for more details.

    The open bus on the open road. Asah!

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