Chariot Testing!


Help Wanted:  Chariot Testing (no experience necessary)

Well folks it looks like Karl Randall, Busan's only foremost ancient weapons weirdo scholar is at it again. Some of you may remember his Greek phalanx re-enactment two years ago. This time he is looking at chariot-based archery as a part of his doctoral dissertation. While moving targets spectators are welcome, he also will need minions volunteers willing to help out with pulling the chariot (for a short time) while he records the results of his research. In exchange, anyone who helps pull gets first crack at riding in the chariot (and shoot a bow too if you like) for fun once data collection is finished, after which people can take turns in the chariot on a rotating basis.

Your relatively brief efforts will aid original research in the field of Ancient Near Eastern History, get you a cold drink, and land you what is likely to be the only chance you'll ever get to ride in a chariot. While every effort will be made to ensure people's safety, participants will be required to sign release waivers for both liability and copyright use as the completed research will likely be published at a later time.

Where:  Kyungsung University Sports Field (go up the back way to avoid construction)

When:  Sunday, July 15th 10:00am (weather permitting)

Contact:  Karl Randall 010-2504-2287 or



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