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Seokbulsa Temple

Well worth the long hike getting there, Seokbulsa is ranked #1 for "must see things" in Busan by Lonely Planet. 

Here is a review from Haps.


Cebu Pacific Launches Busan-Manila Route

Cebu Pacific has recently started weekly flights from the capital Manila to Busan.

The budget carrier known for its cheap flights to Cebu has launched the service from the capital four times weekly. Cebu Pacific also flies four times weekly from Cebu to Busan.

The move is in hopes of attracting even more Koreans to the country. Last year, more than 740,000 Koreans visited the country, easily the highest among other countries. 

Tharp On: Travel

I came to Korea to savor Asia and see more of the world, and I must say that I've succeeded marvelously, though what began as a benign passion has now raged into a full-blown addiction.

Angels Ride for Charity

DAEJEON, South Korea -- Warm weather has come to grace us once again this year, and it’s time for the 3rd Annual “Angel’s Ride for Charity”, on May 28th in Daeheung dong, Daejeon (Old Downtown). Riders of all-sized motorcycles and scooters are encouraged to join the ride and festivities by donating their time and the money pledged by their sponsors to support the underprivileged children of Daejeon.

Sanseong Village

A small, traditional village in the mountains behind PNU. Famous for their locally brewed Makgeolli (rice wine) and BBQ'd black goat. Geumjeong Mountain fortress is nearby if you want to check out Busan's line of defense against invading armies of Japanese and the Machus.

You can read an extensive review of the area here.

Korea – Traditional Korean Fishing Villages

GEOJE CITY, South Korea - Despite the fact that over a third of South Korea’s entire fishing industry is based in Busan, most of its fishing village charm has been lost among the millions of people and the shadows of massive container ships. If you want a little better idea about the culture and heritage that is unique to a small Korean fishing village, there is a wonderful area just under three hours southwest of the city.

Gwangalli Beach

Though Haeundae gets all the press, Gwangan is a great place to go for a little bit of everything. Lots of restaurants and cafes line the beach with excellent views of the Diamond Bridge.

A Weekend in Daegu


DAEGU, South Korea -An honest question: Why on earth would anyone from Busan go to Daegu? 

If someone had asked me that when I arrived 12 years ago, I would have substituted Seoul (where I was living a the time) for Busan.  When I first arrived in the ROK,  I soon became versed in three facts about Daegu by expats and Koreans alike:

1: Daegu is hot. It taps out higher on the thermometer than any other place on the peninsula.

A Better Year for Korean Fliers?


When I was a kid I had a toy airplane with some strange, apparently English word on it that I could never pronounce. No matter, I flew it around the house on international flight between bedrooms just like any of my other flying toys. It wasn't until years later that I learned the strange word was German: “Lufthansa.”

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