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Up to 30% Discount on KTX Tickets Available

SEOUL, South Korea - International visitors and foreigners can receive up to a 30% discount on KTX tickets around the country until December 31st, 2012 if you purchase your ticket on the Visit Korea Year website and pick it up at a designated ticket office. The office in Busan is located on the fourth floor in Busan Station, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the ticket is not available at general ticket windows. 

The discount will depend on the route you travel, and once booked, it is hard to change the departure time and date. The special discount is also not available during busy seasons such as Korean Thanksgiving and the Lunar New Year holidays. 

Crashing in Seoul on the Cheap

SEOUL, South Korea -- Five star hotels they are not, but at 7,000-15,000 won a night, they are a great option when visiting the Korean capital. And the ample baths and showers feel great the next morning. Here's a guide to some good spots to get a good night's rest and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a Korean bathhouse.

Hongdae Area:

Green Travel: The Airlines Look to Biofuels

What was once a vision of the future is starting to work its way into the now – Biofuels. The environmentally friendly fuels, which...

Jeju Island and the Seven Wonders of Hype

UPDATE: The accusations of jamming the phone banks and voting irregularities for Jeju to be on the New Seven Wonders list are now coming to light. According to the Korea Times

"Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has not paid for hundreds of millions of international phone calls its employees made over the past few years to ensure the country’s southern resort island was selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature in a worldwide poll.

A senior official overseeing the finances of the provincial government said Tuesday that it has asked KT, the country’s largest landline phone operator, to defer its phone bill indefinitely. He said the municipal administration is currently unable to make payments estimated to be about 20 billion won ($17 million). 

Go Koh Chang: Thailand’s Elephant Island

TRAT, Thailand -- Koh Chang, which in Thai means “Elephant Island,” is not often spoken of when tourists marvel at the wonders of Thailand. And many people just assume keep it that way. Especially Thai tourists, who go there seeking refuge from the nearly 20 million visitors who make their way to the Land of Smiles each year.

The Last True Marine Nomads: The Bajau Latau ‘Gypsies’

I came across a Bajau family this month in Mataking Island, a 40 acre-private-diving resort located in the Celebes Sea in Borneo.

Seokbulsa Temple

Well worth the long hike getting there, Seokbulsa is ranked #1 for "must see things" in Busan by Lonely Planet. 

Here is a review from Haps.


Cebu Pacific Launches Busan-Manila Route

Cebu Pacific has recently started weekly flights from the capital Manila to Busan.

The budget carrier known for its cheap flights to Cebu has launched the service from the capital four times weekly. Cebu Pacific also flies four times weekly from Cebu to Busan.

The move is in hopes of attracting even more Koreans to the country. Last year, more than 740,000 Koreans visited the country, easily the highest among other countries. 

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