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Kkangtong Market Reopens After Four Day Shutdown

The Bupyoung Kkangtong night market, which has been closed for four days because of a conflict on the operating time resumed business yesterday. The merchants'...

BTO to Offer Free Tours of Gukje Market

The Busan Tourism Organization has said that it will promote 국제 market tourism by running a free tour around the area, featured in the...

Pan Star’s “One Night Out” Cruise Gaining Popularity

A new report shows that the number of people who have used Busan port's One Night Cruise from the Pan Star Corporation that sails...

Haeundae-gu to Build New Zip Wire in Songjeong Beach

A leisure sports facility that will include a zip wire will be erected in Songjeong Beach. Haeundae-gu announced that it has decided to install...

Graffiti Found on Walls at Haeinsa Temple

Graffiti has been found on the walls of 17 buildings within the Haeinsa Temple in Hapcheon, including Daejeokgwangjeon (대적광전) Hall and Daebirojeon (대비로전) Hall...

Milyang Pyochungsa Temple Most Popular in Gyeongnam

A new study shows that the most visited tourist attraction in Gyeongnam for the first half of the year was Milyang Pyochungsa (표충사) Temple....

Nakdonggang River Eco Tour Begins

There is now another reason to come to the city of Busan; and it’s the Nakdonggang River Eco Tour. Under the slogan, ‘Nakdonggang River...

Kkangtong Market to Open Second Section

The nation's first night market, Bupyeong Kkangtong market, will expand to a build a second section and begin operations. Busan city and the merchant's association...

Upper Trails at Milyang Canyon to Reopen

The mountain trails around the upper platform of Milyang Canyon cable car will reopen. Based on civil complaints from citizens, the Gyeongnam provincial park...

5 Great Winter Spots for The Family to Enjoy

Winter Fun Whether you enjoy the winter weather or not, there are many options around the city to enjoy various winter sports. Busan has many...

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