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International Destinations

‘Sushi University’ Tour Package Launched for Foreign Tourists in Japan

Launched in January, Sushi University allows foreign tourists in Japan to visit sushi restaurants with greater ease and familiarity, as though going to their favorite neighborhood restaurant back home.

Delta’s ‘Flying Art Gallery’ Features work from Seoul-Based Russian Artist

Together with 12 artists from around the world have created an art gallery in the sky – transforming the tray tables on one of the airline's 767 aircraft into one-of-a-kind works of art.

‘Culinary Discoveries’ 19-day Private Tour Kicks off in Seoul May 27 – only $135,000

The Four Seasons has created the ultimate gift for the gourmand: an extraordinary voyage through cuisines and cultures in nine countries and it takes off from Seoul May 27th.

Actor Park Hae-jin to be Featured in Hong Kong Wax Museum

The TV star will join other Korean hallyu stars, Bae Yong-joon, Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Jong-suk, Suzy, Siwon of Super Junior, U-know and Max of TVXQ and 2PM's Nichkhun in the exhibition room.

Discover Amazing Shopping at Siam Paragon, Bangkok

While Bangkok has tons of options for shopping, the Siam Paragon Bangkok may just be the crown jewel.

THAAD Effect: China Cancelling More Cruise Ships Bound for Busan and Jeju

Numbers reported by Busan on Tuesday show that cruise ships applications for entry to Busan Port declined to 229 times as of the end of January, down from 261 last year.

Destinations: 5 Things to See in Tahiti

May to October is considered the best time to hit Tahiti -- but really, does it matter if you get to go to experience the tropical paradise? Here's five things to do if you get the chance.

The Traditional Cultures of Sapa Vietnam

Take a look inside the traditional cultures of the Vietnamese highlands

Dispatches: Nagasaki’s Atomic Bomb Museum

Step into Nagasaki's Atomic Bomb Museum and the most immediate thing that strikes you is a clock hanging behind a glass panel. It stopped working at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945, the minute the nuclear bomb was detonated over the city.

Destinations: 5 Reasons to go to the Maldives Right Now

As if postcard photos, white sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets aren't enough, there's plenty of reasons to hit the South Asian nation.

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