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Missing Jerry Yet?

BUSAN, South Korea -- Lotte currently sits in sixth place and ten games in back of first place Samsung. The problem is that Lotte is five games in back of the LG Twins for the fourth and final playoff spot. Seventh place Hanhwa is only one game behind Lotte.

Giants are Still Looking for .500

BUSAN, South Korea -- When it rains it pours. That saying is rarely meant to refer to the weather, but it could say that for both the Lotte offense and the Lotte pitching staff this week.

When the Giants’ pitching staff and defense gave up runs, they gave up bunches. When the Lotte offense scored runs, they embarrassed their opponents. The two opposing forces managed to balance each other out this week as the team went 3-3.

East Asian Basketball: China defeats Korea 61-54

China defeated South Korea 61- 54 in the second game of the 26th East Asian Mens Basketball Championships at the Nanjing Olympic Center Stadium.

Meng Duo led China with 14 points, while Su Wei added 11 for the victors.

South Korea kept the game close, trailing 28-26 at halftime in the low scoring affair. They were led by center Oh Se-Keun, who had 12 points. South Korea had a tough time shooting during the game, connecting only once on 18 three point attempts.

Another Triple Crown?

BUSAN, South Korea -- Given the Giants’ improved standing, it’s time to focus on the positives.No more lamenting the power outage or the constant bullpen issues or the defense. Things are looking up in Busan baseball.

He’s back! Ex-Giant Karim Garcia is coming back to Korea

Karim Garcia last year at an autogragh signing

Ex-Lotte Giant's right fielder Karim Garcia is coming back to Korea - only not with the Lotte Giants.

Giants: Trying to Find a Groove

BUSAN, South Korea --If you look up and down the Lotte roster, you’ll see one of the more talented squads in the KBO. Lotte had three players win Golden Glove awards in 2010. Catcher Kang Min-ho was overlooked and outfielder Jeon Joon-woo was solid in his first season as a Lotte regular.

Second Soccer Player Commits Suicide

Chung Jong-kwan became the second football player in the past week to take his life, amidst the growing match-fixing scandal in the Korean Football League.

The 30-year-old member of third teir team Seoul United was found in a hotel with a suicide note that said, "I'm sorry. I feel ashmamed to have engaged in match-fixing."

This is the second suicide to rock the football world in Korea, as23-year-old Incheon United goalkeeper Yoon Ki-won also took his life last week in his car.

MBC Sports Announcer Found Dead

MBC Announcer Song Ji-seon jumped to her death Monday, causing a major stir in the baseball world. She was 30.

Song, 30, was the host of a baseball show on MBC Sports Plus, and recently had caused a stir with a Twitter message two weeks ago which she was contemplating suicide. The sports channel promptly suspended her when a relationship with Doosan Bears pitcher Lim Tae-hon was brought to light, though he denies any involvement with the reporter.

Charles Rhodes: The Beast

BUSAN, South Korea - The state of Mississippi might not be on the tip of most Busan basketball fans tongues, but the Magnolia State natives Charles Rhodes and Jasper Johnson might be the catalysts that ignite a championship BOOM for the KT Sonic Boom.

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