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Historic Vote Disbands Pro N. Korean Political Party

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South Korea’s Constitutional Court today ordered the dissolution of the Unified Progressive party. It marks the first outlawing of a political party in South Korea since the country adopted its first constitution in 1948. The 8-1 ruling effectively spelled the immediate demise of the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) created in 2011. ...

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President Park Named World’s 46th Most Powerful


South Korean President Park Geun-hye was named the 46th most powerful person in the world by Forbes magazine on Wednesday, three notches ahead of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and 17 notches ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Russian President Vladimir Putin topped the list of the 72 most ...

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Feature: Korean Government Seeks to Fix Country`s Sports Fixing Problem

BUSAN , South Korea -- Corruption in sports is nothing new to athletes and fans. But in recent years, South Korea has seen an onslaught of scandals that nearly crippled its domestic sports leagues.

The four major sports in South Korea—baseball, football, basketball and volleyball—have all been scrutinized in the past few years for match-fixing incidents in which hundreds of athletes, officials and even coaches have been indicted or put under suspicion for rigging games, much to the dismay of its recent growing fan base.

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Canada-Korea Celebrate 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations

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SEOUL, South Korea -- On January 14, 2013 the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and the Republic of Korea was celebrated via an exclusive media launch at the Embassy of Canada, kicking off a year-long program of events designed to highlight the close ties between our two nations.   The Celebration 2013 launch event was hosted by Ambassador David Chatterson and featured our celebrity honorary ambassadors – Korean-Canadian K-pop artist G.Na, Canadian singer Shayne, actor Oh Zio and soccer star Lee Young-Pyo.  Painter Kim Duk-Ki and cartoonist Rhie Won-Bok were also awarded certificates of appreciation for graciously acting as the Embassy's artistic partners for Celebration 2013.

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Exclusive: PSY’s Anti-America Protesting Past?


BUSAN, South Korea – The talented 34-year-old rapper Park Jae-sang, known better to the world as PSY, has been a controversial staple of the Korean music scene since his first full-length album, PSY from the PSYcho World!, debuted back in 2001. At that time, the traditionally conservative Korean mainstream didn’t know what to ...

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