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Busan, South Korea
Saturday, April 29, 2017


Smokers Decrease But Drinkers Increase in Busan

In a recent survey, it was found that the number of smokers has decreased in Busan, but that the number of drinkers has increased.

Rising Convenience Store Crime in Busan a Call to Action for Police

Part of the vulnerability says police is that many convenience stores are often staffed by only a single female worker throughout the night.

Strong Winds, Rain Cause Property Damage Around Busan

Strong winds and heavy rains have caused property damage and canceled flights in Busan this morning.

Teenager Arrested in Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ Hacking Scandal

A 17-year-old Korean hacker responsible for making the Aimbot cheat hack in the popular game Overwatch has been arrested according to local reports.

New Driving Law Proposals Look to Reduce Traffic Deaths

Two main changes to the Road Traffic Act in Korea have been proposed to lower the amount of traffic deaths in the country.

Korean’s Breaking Bad: Two Yonsei University Graduates Arrested for Drugs Operation

A Yonsei University chemistry graduate and an accomplice have been arrested in Seoul for production of methamphetamine in a university laboratory.

Incidental Catch of Minke Whales off the Coast of Korea called the ‘Lottery of...

Poaching whales is illegal in South Korea, but for those that are netted in what is known as an "incidental catch" are fair game for fisherman who can then sell them for a premium price.

36 Arrested in Latest Drug Bust

The Busan Police Agency has arrested 36 people in connection with buying, selling and taking drugs.

Busan’s Oldest Unsolved Murder Case is Revisited

Busan's oldest unsolved murder case is gaining a lot of interest after the Busan Ilbo revisited the crime last week.

Watch: Seoul’s 123 Floor Lotte World Tower Officially Opens with Fireworks Display

Seoul's Lotte Tower officially opened over the weekend with a spectacular fireworks show. The 555-meter (1,821-foot) high tower.

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