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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Waiting on the Won

Tough time for the economy here in the ROK this past week. Both for foreign folk who send their money home and for those...

A Little Less than a Rock Star Appearance

BUSAN, South Korea - And there he was, Kim Jong-il, hobbling into into Dalian China, a shadow of his former self, trying to look strong, but looking more like the next stop was shuffleboard and Ben Gay in Miami.

Busan Music – A short sketch


BUSAN, South Korea - Few people know that Busan’s indie scene back in 80s and 90s was truly a thing to behold. This was back during a time when Korea was taking in the western brand of music in a big dose for the first time. Even less well know is that many of the Korean indie bands now wowing fans in Seoul actually perfected their chops right here in Busan during that era.

Interview: Busan Mayor Hur Nam Sik

Mr. Mayor, could you tell us a little about yourself?

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