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Porn and Piracy Plague the North’s Morale

The North Korean military is losing morale. According to the Chosun Ilbo it is the dynamic duo of  “Porn and Piracy” that is undermining a half century of nationalism the leadership has fought so hard to drill into their heads.

America’s Gradual Goodbye to Korea

BUSAN, South Korea -- This week my university hosted a forum on the Korean-American alliance with Ralph Cossa and others from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. CSIS is the kind of center that anyone into geopolitics would find useful, and Cossa is a great Asia hand.

Reunification: The German Comparison

For Part One go here.

First off, lets examine some more differences between East and West German reunification with that of North and South Korea:

Domestic Differences

Maroon 5 is Coming to Busan

BUSAN, South Korea - When comedian Ted Alejandro joked last August that it was sad that he was the biggest foreign celebrity to entertain crowds in Busan since Mariah Carey in 2004, it was really a reality check that most expat Busanites took to heart. Finally, however, the streak is coming to an end.

Predictions: East Asian Politics 2011

China Will Back Off

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