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Top Municipal Achievements 2010

Completion of Geoga Bridge Connecting Busan and Geoje

Bokcheon Museum

Bokcheon-dong Museum is a branch museum of Busan City built on the location of ancient tombs in Bokcheon-dong. The museum was created as a park with a historical concept and presentation based on the historical investigation of the local tombs. In addition to indoor exhibition rooms, is an outdoor dome exhibition room. The site of each tomb is indicated by a planting box tree, giving the visitor an idea of the overall historical layout of the area.

Halloween Guide 2012

Korea – Haeundae Area Hotels

BUSAN, South Korea - Where to stay in Busan comes up from time to time on the forums, and I've answered a few emails about places to stay near Haeundae beach. For the benefit of other readers, and of Google, here are some options.

Korea – Dalmaji 90120

Rising to the east of Haeundae beach, over which Busan’s morning sun makes its first climb, is the pine tree lined outcrop of land known as “Dalmaji Hill”. When translated into English, the word “Dalmaji” literally means “Moon Watching Place”, and I couldn’t think of a more suitable name for this vibrant, yet tranquil neighborhood, where the moon is just one of a myriad of things to do and see.

Busan Music – A short sketch


BUSAN, South Korea - Few people know that Busan’s indie scene back in 80s and 90s was truly a thing to behold. This was back during a time when Korea was taking in the western brand of music in a big dose for the first time. Even less well know is that many of the Korean indie bands now wowing fans in Seoul actually perfected their chops right here in Busan during that era.

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