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Poko Lambro Interview


With a mix of great originals ranging from rock to bluegrass to blues, along with crowd-inspiring cover tunes, Poko Lambro is a guaranteed draw no matter what venue they play. There first CD, "Renegade Children," is snapped up at shows and their upcoming CD due out in May will surely be the same.

Though their gigs are full of musical surprises, be it Anthony's ridiculously cool licks on the guitar or Violet's powerful vocals, there is one consistent thing that runs through your mind as you watch them: How much longer will Busan be fortunate enough to have such talent?

Busan Haps shot Anthony and Violet some questions and, like their music, they were willing to share what's on their mind.

Getting your Gear On: Busan’s Little Known Music Market


The outdoor Bujeon Si-jang (Bujeon Market) is your typical Asian open-air food and produce area: a sprawling collection of fruit carts, meat carcasses, and all manner of colorful characters who pass their days laughing, haggling, and gutting fish. What one might not expect to find, however, is the biggest concentration of music shops in Busan. But there they are, on the outskirts of the market’s Byzantine alleyways, inside a large nondescript white warehouse.

Carsick Cars Deliver as Promised. Along with Some Surprising Other Acts


BUSAN South Korea - It is a rare night in Busan that you can pop into a local bar and see some internationally-renowned talent on stage. Especially on a Thursday --that notoriously slow night on the scene outside of Monday when most people are tucked in resting themselves up for the weekend's hard charge.

Film Review: The Power of Kangwon Province

Hong Sang-Soo is one of Korea’s most celebrated filmmakers --abroad. Amongst local audiences, he remains surprisingly unknown. His films have consistently failed at the box office, and his last effort didn’t even get a wide-release despite boasting a cast with some of the country’s biggest stars.

Goodbye PIFF 2009

Goodbye PIFF

Another PIFF has come and gone. Here is the final breakdown:



Number of Films


 World Premier

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