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Busan, South Korea
Friday, April 28, 2017

Restaurants & Cafés

The Terrace: The Pan, The Pho, The Cafe


BUSAN, South Korea - Whether you feel the urge to pose next to a brightly lit reindeer or embrace a ‘hug me’ statue, Nampo-Dong is certainly putting forth efforts to draw crowds to the area. The opening of the new Lotte Department store has marked a new beginning for Busan’s original “downtown.”

From Guess to The North Face, to the little ajuma-run shops, this shopping area has something for everyone. Of course, all of that shopping can wear the most ardent spender down. You’ve gotta refuel.

A Slice of Japan in Korea


Over the years, whenever I’ve felt the urge to get out of Busan for a breather, one of the places I’ve consistently headed to is Japan. For one thing, it’s close and easy to get there. For another thing, I like Japan. There, I said it. Lest I be accused of comparing Japan favorably to Korea, let’s just say Japan is pleasantly different and, as many Koreans, I enjoy visiting there. Sometimes that little bit of difference is all we need to recharge the batteries.

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