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Restaurants & Cafés

Eat Like a Local: Recollective Old-Style Korean Pork Cutlet – Wang Tongasu

Any Korean, who has memories of going to a street market with mom or with friends after school, would remember the Korean tongasu in 1980s or 1990s. Here you can taste the good memories.

Eat Like a Local: Tough Winter Out with a Hot, Spicy Anchovy Jjigae

Located behind the beach road in Daebyeon, this restaurant offers a great Korean cutlassfish and anchovy menu.

Eat Like a Local: Nice Juicy Burgers — Brooklyn The Burger Joint

Located on the 4th floor in the newest section of Shinsegae Centum City Mall, Brooklyn the Burger Joint offers simple but great food choices.

Eat Like a Local: Enjoy Korean Noodles and Dumplings at Songjeongjip

Songjeongjp aims to keep it as fresh as possible -- they buy the only ingredients they need and make almost everything in-house.

Eat Like a Local: An Awesome Combination of Kalguksu and Kimchi

Across from the UN Cemetery in Daeyeon-dong, Gongwon Kalguksu features an awesome combination of Kalguksu and kimchi.

Eat Like a Local: A Little Palatable Paradise — Onsemiro

Located in a small alley next to Bujun Municipal Library, Onsemiro has a great food and wine selection.

Eat Like a Local: Dwaeji Gukbap Heals the Winter Blues

Although Dwaeji-Gukbap is much loved in Busan all year round, it seems we need it more in the winter; it will fill your hunger for food and warmness as well as even loneliness.

Four Restaurants that offer Delicious Ways to Bid Adieu to 2016

Enjoy four restaurants that set the stage for the ideal holiday meal with warm atmosphere and flavorful food, inspired by our European counterparts.

Eat Like a Local: Give Freshness to Your Winter Diet – The Sushi

"The Sushi" in the Kyungsung/Pukyoung University district offers fresh meals for your winter diet that won't break the bank.

Eat Like a Local: Warm Up This Winter With Hanu Gomtang

As winter is now in full gear, there's nothing better than a hot soup to keep you warm until the first signs of spring appear.

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