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Dine & Drink

Hotaru: Mother of the Wavy Yellow Brick

BUSAN, South Korea - When I was a university student, I must have eaten 2.9 metric tons of instant ramen noodles. Those wavy yellow bricks of chicken-flavored Ramen Pride were so cheap they were almost free; so easy an impaired college freshman could make them; and so fast they were the ideal 3 a.m. cure for the munchies, when it matters not what you eat, but that you eat it really, really soon.

Food Like Mom Used to Make

The American owned sports bar with a full kitchen is run by Dallas  native  “Tommy Mutt” and Californian, Johnny Jung. The two  collaborated  their ideas and opened last summer. HQ quickly became known as a comfortable, relaxing bar in an over-the-top area in need of a place to chill, watch sports, unwind and, of course, enjoy some good grub.

The Terrace: The Pan, The Pho, The Cafe


BUSAN, South Korea - Whether you feel the urge to pose next to a brightly lit reindeer or embrace a ‘hug me’ statue, Nampo-Dong is certainly putting forth efforts to draw crowds to the area. The opening of the new Lotte Department store has marked a new beginning for Busan’s original “downtown.”

From Guess to The North Face, to the little ajuma-run shops, this shopping area has something for everyone. Of course, all of that shopping can wear the most ardent spender down. You’ve gotta refuel.

A Slice of Japan in Korea


Over the years, whenever I’ve felt the urge to get out of Busan for a breather, one of the places I’ve consistently headed to is Japan. For one thing, it’s close and easy to get there. For another thing, I like Japan. There, I said it. Lest I be accused of comparing Japan favorably to Korea, let’s just say Japan is pleasantly different and, as many Koreans, I enjoy visiting there. Sometimes that little bit of difference is all we need to recharge the batteries.

Chinese Indie Band ‘Carsick Cars’


Carsick Cars, a Beijing-based indie band formed in 2005, that has opened for acts such as Sonic Youth on their European tour will stop in Busan this week as part of their drive across Korea.

Interview: Kim Dong Ha, Godfather of the Busan Bar Scene

Back in 1996 Kim Dong-ha opened The Crossroads in PNU. Today it still stands along with several other spots around Busan that he founded...

Review: Keun Jip

BUSAN, South Korea - At first glance, Keun Jip looks like any other run of the mill Dwajee Guk Bap joint.  And despite the fact that the giant Korean letters spelling out their signature dish, “dwajee guk bap” (????) dominate the sign out front --to the point that the actual name of the restaurant is difficult to find-- I’ve actually never ordered it. 

Oh Yes, Ono!


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